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Why Another Life was the worst music video I have ever seen…

The green screen? What. The. Fuck. 
It looked terrible, why were they dancing (with terrible boyband dance moves) on a fucking roof top? Newsflash boys, you live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, instead of poorly utilising a green screen, why didn’t you go use a real rooftop over looking sydney harbour or even just a beach?

The Filming.
I hope you all understand what I mean when I say it looked like Baz Luhrmann took control of this videoIf you don’t, go get yourself a copy of Moulin Rouge and you’ll get it after 5 minutes. Basically what I’m getting at is that the style of filming, which was the camera zooming into the apartment, is comical. It creates a light hearted, whimsical mood. Perfect for something like Moulin Rouge. Not perfect for this. I know the boys are acting all cute with the girl in the apartment but like thats not what the song is about. The song is about them being into this girl, she’s like “nah” and they’re like “yeah, maybe another time then”. Poor choice of filming style is what I’m getting at.

Understand your target audience. 
Producer, director, etc, this one is mostly for you. The Collectives main audience is young teenage girls. From the age of 12-early 20’s. And as a teen girl I don’t want to watch the boys all caressing and being cute with ONE girl (gang bang?). The general idea behind most boybands is to make the audience believe that the boys are singing to them, even if we think it subconsciously. We’re not going to think that whilst Julian is stroking some girls leg, getting dangerously close to her arse or whilst we’re watching Trent have a ‘cute’ pillow fight with her. (he wasn’t cute, he looked like he was going to punch her?)
Really really bad concept for the whole video. 

Singing Faces.
Everyone looked like they were in pain while they were singing. Sure, it’s not a super happy, lovey song but it looked like everyone was going to start crying.

That’s basically all my reasons. I love The Collective but I really really hated this video.


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Another Life - The Collective

Full song & lyrics for anyone who can’t get it, or wants to know the words. :)

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do u guys follow dani and sophie tho bc basically Ur nOT a rEaL cOLLecTOr if U dNT

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